30 before 30.

The whole list in one place!

This is also where I'll be marking things off as they happen, so check in for updates and links to where on the internet I'm talking about them.

1. Write in New York
2. Do a full forward fold with straight legs.
3. Learn to bake Macarons.
4. Find a cause. Talk about it.
5. Kitten! - Well my sister got 2 and they're my adopted babies which is close enough.
6. See a new piece of immersive theatre in another country.
7. Produce a show.
8. Finish The West Wing. - Done. It was as essential as everyone said.
9. Cook 30 new recipes.
10. A solo weekend.
11. Go skinny dipping.
12. Make it back to Paris.
13. Host an afternoon tea.
14. Meet a Sloth.
15. Decide what the book is. - You know when you realise you've actually always known? Yeah. It's coming.
16. Fly first class.
17. Read 100 books.
18. Collaborate on something artistic .
19. Stay in bed all day.
20. Gamble. Win.
21. Try aerial yoga.
22. Make the perfect playlist.
23. Submit to the New York Times Modern Love column.
24. Go a month without alcohol.
25. Be on a podcast.
26. Visit Berlin.
27. Write for someone else. - Published on Dear Damsels, December 2017.
28. Revisit old work. - Well and truly done. See also number 15.
29. Transcend the mundane.
30. 30 is a secret.

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